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Not only has Sarah helped me attain growth with creating a life I love, I have stayed active at least 4 days a week with accountability help. I have stopped drinking, broken up with a codependent partner and I just returned from my first paid executive coaching job!”    

Overcome Imposter Syndrome and level up

Get Work You Love™

For high achieving women who want to uplevel their leadership and career.

There's FAQ's way below since some of the questions are being asked a lot

Conquer Imposter Syndrome & Uplevel You.

Are you a high-achieving woman ready to break free from the shackles of imposter syndrome and level up your leadership or career? 

I got you!

Get Work You Love™,  is a revolutionary Group Coaching Program, led by ICF Certified Sarah Khambatta, PCC designed to help you shatter the imposter syndrome and embrace the next level best version of you.  How? With a winning combination of both strategic guidance in our coursework and behavioral transformation in our live group coaching.

Results from our previous group clients here: 


Actualized 90% of their vision and goals

Interviewed for new roles and transited into new opportunties

Overcome the fear of imposter syndrome

Increased happiness and work-life balance

Silenced the inner critic and gain mastery with it

Negotiated to win salary and benefits

Officially started a new business

Achieved concrete routines for optimal mental and physical well-being 

Developed the self-confidence to date with a sense of fun


What makes this process unique?

(“it’s the combo live coaching with the course material and stellar group”)

*14 days from 1/12/24

Secure Your Spot:

If you’re tired of the imposter syndrome holding you back and want to make 2024 the year of your triumph, join. Gain the support and accountability of a community, and level up.


Course Modules:

  • Understand your personal communication style for optimal results
  • Harness your strengths to overcome challenges
  • Learn how to influence across different styles to get what you want.
  • Create a compelling vision plan and track your progress
  • Pinpoint specific next-level outcomes
  • Uplevel your presence or “being” quality to match your new vision.
  • Learn what imposter syndrome is and isn’t
  • Use this model to identify your own limiting beliefs, fears and judgments which have become outdated for you.
  • Reimagine, redesign and note experiences which are still challenging you or beginning to reveal your ideal self.
  • Expand your network for new opportunities
  • Learn the network system for creating real-life connections and more broad network for partnerships, support, and projects.
  • Capitalize on new systems for networking.
  • Learn to level up and master the socialization of your presence, leader-brand, and thought leadership.
  • Shine beyond your current role.
  • Amplify your voice and unique value outside of your current system.
  • Navigate objections and emerge with deeper connection.
  • Establish self-advocacy that uses your specific style to get surprise outcomes; remembering ideas have a shelf-life.
  • Communicate your vision and value with confidence

Who coaches this amazing program?

Facilitater / Coach / Trainer

Sarah Khambatta, PCC

As a certified Leadership and Life Coach by the International Coach Federation, I've coached hundreds of women to empower themselves to transcend their limitations of imposter syndrome and transition to the most fulfilling version of themselves. With a decade of experience, including work with multi-million dollar corporations, diverse business leaders, past president of ICF-LA, and numerous trainings, that is why I am following my mission to guide you to the best version of yourself and transition to the level of work and life you truly deserve.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Yes, you will receive 2 private Zoom sessions for 60 mins with Sarah Khambatta, pcc.  These can be focused on deeper issues or strategic goals. These sessions are high-touch and tailored to you.  

Many companies have reimbursed our clients or paid us directly for coaching.  For reimbursement, you will receive a paid receipt, which can be submitted to your company.  Please note that is up to your company whether they approve reimbursement to you.  It is recommended to inquire with HR prior to purchasing the course.  Whether they approve paying directly or reimbursing or not, you will gain exponentially from this coaching and course.

The live group coaching meetings are 60 mins, 2 times per month for 6 months.

Yes! Your next level is defined by you.  You could be a coach or some other business owner and really want to take actionable steps towards overcoming imposter syndrome, and attain that next level of success in your business (or other career).  Feel free to discuss this on the call with Sarah by booking a session now — it’s that big red “Book a Call!” at the top of this page.

Having access to Zoom will be helpful since we meet on zoom.  There is no requirement for tech knowledge.  The portal with the course is as easy as signing into any site.

It is recommended to confirm with your tax accountant whether it is a business expense for leadership or professional development.  This has been the case, but it depends on your tax accountant’s recommendation.  *We can’t give specific accounting advice or recommendations.

Goals Settings
As I reflect on how Sarah’s group coaching program has transformed my life in the past six months, a sense of awe and calm is with me. So many changes I can’t even believe. I started out looking for guidance and accountability to help me start my business, with a five year plan to actually work in the field of leadership as an executive coach. 
Not only has Sarah helped me attain growth with creating a life I love, I have stayed active at least 4 days a week with accountability help. I have stopped drinking, broken up with a codependent partner and I just returned from my first paid executive coaching job! I have started to heal from a wholistic place and from the inside out. I am the person I always wanted to become and I filed my corporation papers on Sunday! If you don’t believe in change at least believe in yourself and take the first step. Sarah can help you, you will not regret investing in yourself. You deserve it! 


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