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Courses - Sarah Khambatta PCC | Leadership & Life Coach

Get Work You Love & the Life You Deserve Group Coaching and Course with Sarah Khambatta, PCC

Get your successful, confident and finally fulfilled life (12 women max)

Get Work You Love & the Life You Deserve Group Coaching and Course with Sarah Khambatta, PCC

Get your successful, confident and finally fulfilled life (12 women max)

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If you're an achiever on the verge of burning out, or you're unmotivated in your current role, or you want help doing your absolute dreamjob... ...or maybe you are open to discover your true's time to GET WORK YOU LOVE! ❤️

In this program, you will get clear and get a move on getting the work you love AND the life you deserve.  You will get coaching, tools and whatever amount of support you need (plus with the option of private sessions, you cannot fail).  You’ll get to clarity and step up to do the work you love.  This means work that fulfills your desires and your needs while bringing your gifts to the world in a bigger way. 

What’s Inside Get Work You Love & The Life You Deserve Course & Group Coaching (started January 14th, 2022)

Each week you will receive video and handout content when you sign into the portal.  This private group also gets weekly group coaching with Sarah to create personal breakthroughs on your next steps.  Join us to get work you love and become massively fulfilled in life.

Module 1

Vision Step Up Plan

Description: Module 1 is also Week 1 and you will first receive a video and handout for creating your vision step-up plan. The exercise is a specific way to discover what you know and leverage your best self, your experience and assets to create your ideal work and life. 

Module Highlights:

Learn how you can get there by applying the principles and steps learned in this module.

Module 2

Leaning into Success

Description:  Module 2 will establish habits to balance yourself as you get closer to achieving your goals.  There can be ups and downs and your resilience determines your outcome.

Module Highlights:

Learn the tools to accept mind-blowing success as well as remaining calm when opportunities are in front of you.

Module 3


Description: Find out what your mind is set on, and break the cycle.

Module Highlights:

Unleashing your Wild.

Module 4

How to use your network to get work

Description: Expanding your network creates a movement and momentum that opens doors to opportunities that were not available before.

Module Highlights:

Utilizing this key process, you will better establish authentic connections to a client, a job offer, an affiliate, or a referral that results in you getting work you envision.  

Module 5

DiSC Assessment

Description: Receive your assessment and learn to leverage your personality type and how to adapt to communicate authentically with power for best results.

Module Highlights:

Conflict happens, and being adaptive can turn many situations around for your best results.

Module 6

Steps to gain visibility

Description: Tools in every trade to be visible, and find your company, your tribe your PEOPLE!

Module Highlights:

When you find your tribe, you give your gifts to the world.  Bring your genius, your art, your leadership and bring it now.

Module 7

Research & learning

Description: Automate your research and learning.

Module Highlights:

Whether your a business owner or an employee, automate how people and data comes to you is important. 

Module 8

Negotiate & close any deal or job

Description: Once you know your value, learn how to communicate it in a sales or interview situation, find your right people-environment, you can be unstoppable.

Module Highlights:

Learn tools and practice these skills.

I've been there...

If you’re like I was, burning the candle at both ends until there’s nothing left, I hear you.  I was working 80-85 hours per week!  If you are exhausted, undervalued or just no longer love the work you’re doing, there is definitely another way.  

You may even love the work you do, yet are holding back on a bigger version of you.  How do you want to serve and be seen in the world?

Ten years ago I answered this question and found what I am put on earth to do. I got trained in Leadership and Life Coaching, ICF certified and began serving, co-creating and coaching.  I was hired as a business coach for 3 years and then at a company to coach executives and leaders.  At the same time I served on the ICF Los Angeles Board as President.  We won a global award our team can be proud of.

My fears evaporated when I took action.  The fear was replaced by confidence because I found the work that fulfills and excites me while bringing balance and wealth.  

If it’s time for you to explore, get clear and claim the work you’re meant for, let’s do this!

These times have brought unforeseen challenges and then a major shuffle of careers, businesses and life changes. 

We know there’s never been a moment in our lifetimes like this one.  If this sounds familiar, I will take you through the process I use with my private clients to get work they love that’s supported by the life you deserve.

You helped me move from marketing to HR and I have received the highest perf scores I have ever received at Google over the last nine years. Prior to changing roles though, you helped me to get promoted. I didn’t just leave my old team, I went out with a bang. Due to the higher performance scores as well, my total compensation has increased over 40%.

- Google HR client

Since being coached by Sarah, I have accepted a promotion, increased my income by 50% and received the largest bonus of my life! Even more noticeable than that is the peacefulness I now carry with me throughout my day. I am deeply happy to be combining my role as President of a healthcare system while also seeing patients — the best of both worlds for me. From the beginning, I wanted my Managers and employees to be fulfilled, and due to changing MY communication style, from my coaching with Sarah, they are now empowered to do the job they were hired to do. This is truly a miracle!”

- President of a hospital

Sarah’s methods work! Her system has empowered me to find true passion in this world, given me manageable steps to execute against that passion without turning my life upside down in a messed up way (only in the healthy way), and pushed me to acknowledge and reward myself for taking the actions needed to follow my dream job. It’s safe to say, I don’t know where I would be without Sarah today. “

- Successful Coach


The Course: Get Work You Love

Get clear and start taking mega actions to achieve getting work you love.

Bring your issues on your dreamjob quest whether internal or specific challenges on the hunt.  Get filled, get loved up and get on your high horse.

An assessment questionnaire will be emailed to you, to confidentially assess your personality type. You will also become knowledgable about personality types and how to leverage them.

These practical tools can be used again and again throughout every step of your career and life journey.

By the end of this program,

you will have…

Understanding that we all have a purpose, and it can be enjoyable to fulfill yours.  Learn step by step tools used with coaching clients to gain clarity about your why, your purpose so you can wake up knowing exactly what type of work that fills you with satisfaction and purpose.  Gain awareness and joy  of your contribution, allowing you to rest easier. 

As you begin to take designated steps with your coach and your fellow women supporting you, your confidence will increase. You can feel anchored by your own results to serve others and your financial, creative and fulfillment needs.

If you are on this page, you’re probably a high-achiever or have real concerns about burnout if you do the work you love.  True success at work only comes when there’s balance at home too.

Everyone has a distinct Dreamjob DNA (just like a distinct fingerprint) and you will have tools to find yours.  The coaching provides direct interaction to change limiting beliefs, and unblock patterns developed from old jobs, outworn narratives that no longer serve you.  Unhook and obliterate your fears realigning your goals to your current Dreamjob DNA.

It is an employee market, meaning you can ask for what you want.  Learn and practice the skills you need to articulate who you are, what you want, and negotiate for the highest level of profit, scale and title.

If you have commonly stopped short of your ideal purpose, by taking work that isn’t 100% your goal, get support, tools and coaching to change this habit.

You can do this, it’s your time!

Coaching Client:

“After just three months of working with Sarah I left a job I’d disliked for over three years. Just three months later I literally doubled my income at a new job. 

In just three months Sarah did what endless years of therapy could not: she helped me see the world through a new lens and literally break a difficult pattern I’d been in for over three years. I’m forever grateful.”


Enroll in Get Work You Love Today

2 Monthly Payments of


A One-Time Payment of

Plus These Bonuses if purchased early (date of Spring 2022 tbd)

Bonus 1

Self Care Survival Guide

To implement ease, balance and grace through your transformational journey to get work you love.
(A $297 Value)

What You’ll Get:

This teaching will help you assert self care during challengeing times as well as growth times.

Bonus 2

LinkedIn Review

To revamp your presence on LinkedIn and be seen and heard for those that can hire you, network with you and build community.
(A $89 Value)

What You’ll Get:

This guide will show you how to be hirable, recognized and utilize the site for increasing visibility and recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions our top students asked before enrolling in Get Work You Love.

There is weekly group coaching with 11 other women in this group.  However when you purchase you have the option to add on private coaching sessions.

Still thinking about it?

Get work you love & the life you deserve is a PERFECT fit for you if

1.) you want a different role or career

2.) you are not happy in your current circumstance

3.) you customarily have been achieving at a high level when you love what you’re doing. 

Sign up today...

From my experience coaching a dozen people per month, there are many open roles, open headcount and not enough talented people to go around.  Likewise there are women-owned businesses achieving monumental successes right now!   If you’re drawn to this course you are already an achiever who takes action, and wants clarity and support to get there.  

Enroll in Get Work You Love Today

2 Monthly Payments of


A One-Time Payment of

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